The Biolytix waste water system is a septic tank system causing very little environmental impact. The principle behind the methods of the Biolytix system, is to let nature do the work. Tiger worms etc, break down the solids (the same as in a worm farm), while gravity lets the liquid filter down through the system being processed by bacteria and micro organisms on the way down. These liquids collect at the bottom of the tank and are then pumped out using a standard stainless steel submersible pump with float switch to a drip irrigation disposal. The energy consumption of the system equates to approximately $30-$50 per year. Due to the low energy use, these systems are ideal for off grid installations.

This Australian designed system is now a New Zealand owned and operated business, being produced in Auckland and exported to Australia and the South Pacific. Biolytix is proud to have obtained the New Zealand made certification.  See for more information.

Hawke's Bay Regional Council Approved Designer   Hawke's Bay Regional Council Approved Installer Biolytix

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Lifestyle Plumbing and Drainage is pleased to be able to offer its customers a solar hot water heating solution at an affordable price. Supply and installation will generally be around $4000. Please contact us to give you a price for your specific installation.

The systems have been designed in Germany and made in China. They have undergone testing in Germany and the USA, and have obtained SRCC certification in America, and the DIN EN 12975 from Germany. The systems meet NZ Building Code requirements and are accepted by both the Napier City Council and Hastings District Council.


Water Piping

The water piping of choice is Fusiotherm (PPR-80) from Aquatherm for which I am a trained and certified installer. The main reasons for this preference is that the product is environmentally sound, having achieved Greenpeace approval. In addition, it is chemically stable so no leaching of chemicals into the water happens, and the pipe and fittings are fusion welded using a special electric welding iron, creating a joint that will not break down with time. This material is suitable for the drinking water within your home, as well as your swimming pool and air compressor pipelines. Fusiotherm is also used in many winery's and other industrial installations around NZ and the rest of the world. When installed by an Aquatherm trained installer, the product comes with a 50 year warranty.


Water Tanks

Due to their quality and strength we prefer to supply and install Devan water tanks. We also offer a water tank cleaning service. This we can do without the need to empty your water tank.

 Water Tanks



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